Creative video production

The Blank Album – Barrowland Ballet


Video documentation by Iñigo Garrido/OaksBark

Live Music, comedy and dance that literally rocks – The Blank Album. Dancers who sing standing on their heads, cellos that dance, and sketch-show guitars, hysterical yet strikingly poetic.
“Packed with catchy tunes and quirky choreography” THE SCOTSMAN

“ALL-SINGING, all dancing – and flamboyantly rock’n’roll with it – The Blank Album is like a mini-music-fest without the mud…but with the kind of swaggering hi-octane choreography that Jagger in his heyday would have lept at.” THE HERALD

“Alive. Funny. Passionate. I loved every minute. P.S. I’ve never enjoyed a dance show IN MY LIFE!” Audience member The Arches

Performed by:
Jade Adamson, Stuart Bowden, Laura Durrent, Simon Jaymes, Ruth Mills.