Creative video production

Stars Beneath the Sea – Vanishing Point


Video documentation by Iñigo Garrido/OaksBark

2nd camera operator, Jim Rusk

Stars Beneath the Sea, a Vanishing Point production

Inspired by the book by Trevor Norton
Directed by Matthew Lenton
Set and Lighting designed by Kai Fischer
Original Music by John Anderson

Stars Beneath The Sea is a show about being underwater. It tells the story of the brave and brilliant pioneers of deep sea diving, and one man in particular, who pushed his life and sometimes the lives of others, to the limit. It is a show about depth, beauty and determination and incredibly stupid ideas, about the lonely impulse of delight that led people on hilarious journeys towards ingenious invention as well as tragic failure. Stars Beneath The Sea takes audiences to a place they never expected to go, but will never want to leave. Combining physical performance, animation, original music and projection, this is an exciting, action packed, funny and inventively visual show. Come and join us underwater.