Creative video production

One Up One Down – Barrowland Ballet


Video Documentation by Iñigo Garrido/OaksBark

In One up, One Down, personal and global perspectives collide as three women, caught up in their quest for perfection, sway dangerously between saccharine adoration and bitter condemnation of one another. Fired up by the goal of flawless beauty or preoccupied by career ladders, three women struggle to maintain personal freedom and identity surrounded by the have it all nature of consumer culture.

Natasha Gilmore, ‘The Catherine Tate of Contemporary Dance’, works in collaboration with Scottish composer, Quee MacArthur, Zimbabwean performance poet Tawona Sitolé and three dance artists, Jade Adamson, Charlotte Jarvis, Tara Hodgson and John Macaulay in this funny, topical work that blends complex choreography, comedy, music and poetry to deliver a poignant assessment of contemporary woman.