Creative video production

Clutter Keeps Company – Birds of Paradise


Video documentation by Iñigo Garrido/OaksBark

2nd camera operator, Jim Rusk

Watch this trailer at Birds of Paradise Theatre’s website

Directed by Morven Gregor
Designed by Hazel Blue
Lighting Designer: Paul Sorley
Choreographer: Lindsay John
Cast: Jo Freer, Keith MacPherson, Scott Fletcher and Nicola Miles-Wildin

It’s a school night… your mum’s at work and your dad’s away. Your sister is supposed to be looking after you. Instead she’s wearing bright red lipstick and a tartan miniskirt. And you? You’re tucked up in bed, with a tape cassette under the pillow, dreaming of jellyfish… or are you?

The shows are in town. Scream if you want to go faster!